What are the specifications and limitations of your UAV’s?

In theory there are no limitations on what can be achieved with our UAV’s. However due to restrictions on UAV’s by the national governing bodies, we are generally only allowed to fly up to a height of 400ft.  Depending on the individual job requirements we can apply for permission to fly higher if needed. We can also fly up to 500m away which allows us a 1km radius. We can stay airborne for up to 25 minutes and can go from a hover to 60 kph if needed as long as we maintain visual contact with our UAV at all times.

Can you fly in any weather?

Unfortunately, we are not able to fly in the rain! Wind speeds above 25km/ph can also be a problem (especially if we are flying near to buildings or other objects). Safety is always our priority so this must be balanced with our goal to achieve a successful shoot.

Can you fly inside buildings and other structures?

Yes we are able to fly inside buildings so long as there is enough room to manoeuvre safely. Insurance specifics are different for indoor flights and the usual TC regulations do not apply.

It seems like a lot to arrange, what do we need to do for a shoot?

Once you provide all the info needed, we can take it from there to meet your brief. We will provide everything needed to complete a shoot at any location. This includes securing permissions in advance, safety on site, all equipment needed and post production services if required.

Are you insured?

Yes. Providing we follow all guidelines and rules laid out by the national governing body we are fully insured with $5 million public liability cover.

What is a UAV/Drone?

A UAV is a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (usually a small multirotor helicopter or fixed wing plane) which is controlled by an operator from a separate location.

How can these UAV’s help my business?

Small UAV’s can be used to gather data from aerial locations which was previously difficult or expensive to access.

Why are UAV’s better than other alternatives?

At present, there are various other options that are used to gather data from low altitudes (up to 400ft). Full size Helicopters are expensive, loud and intrusive. Cherry Pickers are slow and difficult to manoeuvre in to positions beyond level easy terrain. Scaffolding and ropework are time consuming and have extensive health and safety risks associated with them. Data from public satellite images is usually low resolution.

Ultimately UAVs can capture images faster, cheaper, and at a far higher resolution.

Can you fly anywhere?

There are a number of restrictions on flights of all kinds in any country. However there is the potential to fly in any location you require pending the relevant permissions which we take care of for you. Contact us to provide us with as much info as you can on your proposed shooting location and we will do our absolute best to achieve your goals.